STEP 01. E-mail inquiry

Contact person : Ms. Winnie Kang
You can send an email to us at [ ]
Please include your contact and address details in case we need to contact you directly.

The minimum quantity for club uniform is 20 pieces. When 10~19 pieces are ordered, 5,000 won is additionally charged for one piece.

STEP 02. Selection on the design and option

① Design
If design of the uniform is required, we design it with the latest trend. If you already designed the uniform, we update the design and give you the proposal.

② Fitness of the clothes
We decide the level of fitness considering the purpose of the bike (road bike, MTB, etc), age and other factors.

③ Additional option
If you have specific material and pattern in mind, we can give you quotation after consultation.

STEP 03. Draft proposal

200,000 won of down payment is needed to proceed with design proposal.
Based on the consultation, we offer you the first design proposal and complete the design after discussing the proposal and reflecting additional requests.

STEP 04. Sample check and size selection

The completed design is applied on the fabric you choose for the uniform, so that you can check the design and color. We also send ArdenBike's off-the-shelf products in all sizes and you will be able to see the size of the clothes.

STEP 05. Completion and delivery

The remaining amount except for the down payment of 200,000 won should be paid first before the team uniform is manufactured. It takes 3~4 weeks before the delivery.