When we have a long bike ride, we suffer from uncomfortable pad, friction with clothes and even 10 grams of weight.

ArdenBike provides the best riding clothes and equipment by repeating numerous tests, improvement and update from different perspectives and ultimately makes pedaling much lighter. We help you react to any movement with surprising nimbleness and provide you with pleasant environment in extreme conditions.

We want you to feel like riding a bike. We want to show you the world beyond just riding a bike.

We offer you with proper riding culture and various contents and also communicate with a lot of riders. We give you bike riding clothes that has strong performance and cool design at the reasonable price.

We have developed pads appropriate for various purposes of riding, which wrap the sensitive skin surprisingly softly.

Diverse saddles offer comfortable cushion pads, for which we took care of every single detail for better performance. The better performance we focused on is comfortable fit, consistent level of pad being squashed in a long ride and removal of sweat.

We pursue the design tightly fit to the body with cycling posture and the most ergonomically optimized fit.

ArdenBike provides our own jersey. You can fix yourself up like a professional riders from a range of customized clothes. We will always be here for you. ArdenBike is always with all riders.

Brand that communicates with customers! Brand that respects customers! Brand that customers can be satisfied with!
ArdenBike will become the brand that could upgrade itself by collecting opinions from customers while at the same time keeping its brand identity.

There are many expensive and cheap clothes in the market. However, there are not many of them with high quality at the affordable price.
ArdenBike will make our every effort to help the customers spend money wisely. We are not just selling our products. We will share emotion and culture of cycling.

ArdenBike with a story

When I was a college student at the Department of Textile Engineering, I had a part time job to purchase a bike. Probably the day when I finally got my dream bike would be the beginning of the present ArdenBike.

I first thought a bike would be everything I needed. But as I rode, I needed cleat shoes and then safety helmet, gloves, sports goggles and many others. Finally I came to have extensive firsthand experiences of cheap and expensive products while riding a bike. One day when I went for a shopping to buy riding clothes, I found myself in a dilemma. The shortcomings of cheap products were too obvious and expensive bike clothing were too much expensive for its performance while having many benefits. I couldn’t find anything which would make me become a wise consumer.

As I pondered over what I should do, I was suddenly excited to think that I could make good bike clothing as a person with textile major and bike lover. I had neither built a brand nor had a job in the online shopping industry. I had never studied management. That's why knowledge about textile only didn’t make things easier. I went through lots of trials and errors. There once was a case where I had to discard all the clothing manufactured due to its fault.

However, it was my love for a bike and communication and time I had with other riders that made me never give up. Based on the feedbacks that I met during the ride, I improved my product little by little. The feedback transformed into a valuable data, which helped me speed up new product development.

Products of ArdenBike have stories of an ordinary college student who loved a bike and eventually made a bike clothing, of other riders who gave invaluable feedback to him and of riders who believed in the brand. I will never forget the moment when I first decided to make bike clothes, when I first sold the product I made and when I determined to ensure a better quality than imported goods.

ArdenBike still has lots of stories in it.