A beginning of Arden Bike Wear is Nova Sonic

  • 2013-04-22
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Do you know Nova Sonic? It's our first brand for MTB users.


At first We thought about the cheap brand for biker because Income products have been too expensive to buy all of biker then and until now.


But we recognized that It's not all to provide products cheaply moreover we did manual labor to make items so there were a lot of mistake.



Of course it accompanied a lot of damage.


Now It just became history of Arden.


We systemize all of procedures with automatic and manual labor and are trying to do our best to provide valuable clothes with a reasonable price.


I believe that Arden Bike Wear have been in existence because Nova Sonic had been in existence then.


Arden has been already 7 years since Nova Sonic.


It makes me smile whenever I think about then.





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