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ㆍWriter arden (ip:)
ㆍDate 2013-06-28 00:00:00
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ㆍTitle 2nd MuJu Granfondo with Arden

2nd MuJu Granfondo with Arden

Jun 8th 2013' Sat

MuJu Granfondo enters its second season. It was real the start at Korea's Granfondo last year.

The height diagram

We had a meeting to decide to send whose to MuJu Granfondo and we agreed unanimously to send Ahn who is our boss and had attended the DOSSA SokCho Riding a week ago even he had hard work after the event to test Arden's new classic jersey and sprinter bib shorts with 3D uno Pad.
Even though it was a sudden schedule Ahn could participate the MuJu Granfondo with DALJA's assistance which is the one of famous club in Seoul and means "Running Bicycle" in English.






Ahn said that even of course Arden's sprinter bib shorts shown a good performance during hard time to climb the MuJu's hill and mountains he felt that was a good time for what he will do to improve the Arden's products.

He highlighted that no matter what he had a great time with club DALJA and it got him to be felt a sense of kinship.


He wondered why he had a hard time by himself but after finished riding he realized that there were any pleasure by personal achievement and a sense of kinship with people who even he didn't know before.

After riding he said he felt like this : Today every body wants faster and every things are more fasted than before in the modernization Bicycle which has just two legs as the power to make speed gives us more something different things than "high speed = good performance" and has more special power to make people gather with a sense of kinship than others gathering. So it is the one of wonderful hobby.

Now Boss Ahn has been working hard to develop new pad as soon as came back work from MuJu Granfondo.
He hopes Arden Bike Wear which is all process made in Korea approaches the cyclists with new pad and more a sense of kinship.

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