Video production

  • 2013-05-30
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Look at this :D
This is pictures which was taken in 2011.



These people in picture are Arden's team. They looked nervous why It was the first time for them to make a video as cyclists concept.




We are talking about the concept and continuities.
"How can we make a good video ?"



You can see the director who installs the camera for making dynamic scenes. I remember that we had to paddle hard for just one scene.



There was a tripod water level in the camera.



One of the member who name is Jeong-hwan Kim made his cycle by himself. He had to take two weeks lesson to make the bike in America.
He did all of things for his bike from the choice of the kind of metal pipe to welding. Chromium planting made his bike better looks and showed a classic feeling.



It's time to shoot !!



he director is monitoring to find some problems during shooting.

Until now it was behind stories.
Now let's see the video !!

rame height=428 src="" frameBorder=0 width=760 allowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen webkitAllowFullScreen>rame>

ARDEN BIKE TEAM from Jee Choul Kim on Vimeo.

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